wasup my name is lee mulford also know as LDX R3AP3R

i love playing games and guitar the reason i chose to start playing games because at the age i was there was nothing to do NOTHING so i ask my dad to by me the ps1 which was great back in the day so after that i got the first xbox which was even more great the graphics look awesome at the time.

then i got the xbox 360 i was lost for words when i got that console the graphics where amazing then after a year or so it got the red rings WTF so i thought i needed just to cool down

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me just got jumped on by the little bill from college lol what a day.

and after a couple of hours i went back on it still didnt work soo i went out and brought a new one after a year or so that did it so then i said WTF is wrong with microsoft why do they make a console what is going to brake but then again it was in my mind all the time to make more money.

they got the elite that didnt get red rings but the damn thing would not read my disc had it repaired for £30 a couple of months later did it again so i went outand brought the new gears xbox and thats what  i have so far.

i wanted to learn guitar because i think it has such an awesome noise i started to get into it a lot more by listning to my favorite band slipknot i wanted to follow mick thomson and jim root from slipknot after a while i could finally play some of there songs on guitar after that i started to listen to korn BMTH stone sour and so on.

and thats pretty much things about me thanks for reading.
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this is LDX R3AP3R

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