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here has been an anousment that oddworld strangers wrath HD version is coming out 21 december we might be doing walkthroughs on it cant wait but before we start to think of doing that im still thinking about getting because i have it on the xbox arcade now i know meany fan out there are going to get it but im a big fan but still thinking about it BUT i will get the new oddword abes oddysee cant wait for that game and i cant wait to see what it looks like since 1998 but the only thing is there no release date for that awesome game yet i will get back as soon a possible when there is :D

thumb|right|500px|HD VERSION TRAILER ENJOY

like i said i will get back to you i have seen that they are making oddworld munches oddysee in HD wowowowowowowowowowo but not yet a release date i will soon find out :D


herd rumores it might be coming to the 360 but at the min its being said its for ps3 :( the reason with the sad face because i play 360 but BoneyHead95 plays PS3 and 360:D
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